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Citywall is an independent, not-for-profit organisation which exists to invest in young people, families and professionals, to promote the education, well-being and safety of children and their families. We believe that happy, healthy, well-functioning families are the defensive structures that protect our communities and allow young people to flourish. We support those we work with in making positive life choices and gaining new skills to invest in education, family and future employment.

What Sets Us Apart

Citywall is independent and unbiased, with no hidden agenda.

Our work always responds to a need, so we are flexible, adaptable and creative.

We work relationally, alongside our clients, offering a personal and tailored approach.

We don't discriminate, we offer hope, and we believe the best of people

If you know of a young person or family who is need of our support, or if you would like discuss how Citywall can partner with your school or organisation, please contact Dave Atkinson (Citywall Director)